Our land

The vineyards of the winery are grown in this plain that receives water of the Tunuyán river and Mendoza river, both resulting from the meltwater of the Andes.

With an altitude of 750 metres above sea level, its sandy loam soils, flat topography, and alluvial origin produce a favourable nutritional balance for the vine, reaching an excellent maturity and great sugar content.

The average annual temperature of 14° C, a value very close to the ideal one for such crop, has a dry continental climate (cold winters and hot summers), such thermal amplitude makes Mendoza the ideal place for the farming of vines. Besides that, we have high heliophany (hours of sunlight) caused by the moist air that,  by crashing into the Andes range, loses humidity and dissipates the clouds, which causes a larger number of sunny days, exposing  the grains for a longer time, compared to other regions in the world.

  • El Paraiso Estate
    fincas 008
    Total surface: 51.6 hectares
    Surface area under cultivation: 23.5 hectares
    Varieties grown: Gibbi, Maticha, Chenin, Chardonnay.
    Location: 11th st and Montecaseros lan e- Colonia Lambaré, Montecaseros - San Martín - Mendoza
  • Los Nietos Estate
    fincas 007
    Total surface: 85.5 hectares
    Surface area under cultivation: 85.5 hectares
    Varieties grown: Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot.
    Location: National Route 7 km 975- 12 de Octubre, Santa Rosa - Mendoza
  • Don Eduardo Estate
    fincas 005

    Total surface: 332.5 hectares
    Surface area under cultivation: 115 hectares
    Varieties grown: P. Giménez, Bonarda, Syrah, C. Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, Aspirant Bouchet, chardonnay
    Location: Nueva Gil st. and Nueva el Divisadero st. - Santa Rosa - Mendoza

  • Guadalupe Estate
    fincas 001
    Total surface: 27.9 hectares
    Surface area under cultivation: 27.9 hectares
    Varieties grown: Malbec
    Location: Provincial route 50  km. 1,010 - 12 de Octubre - Santa Rosa -  Mendoza
  • Don Antonio Estate
    fincas 003
    Total surface: 42.5 hectares
    Surface area under cultivation: 42.5 hectares
    Varieties grown: Moscatel Rosado, Torrontés, Sangiovese - Tempranillo, Aspirant Bouchet, Bonarda.
    Location: Carril Mirador st. and Viejo Retamos st.- 12 de Octubre- Santa Rosa- Mendoza
  • Sta. Teresa Estate
    fincas 004
    Total surface: 553.6 hectares
    Surface area under cultivation: 120 hectares
    Varieties grown: Cherry, Ugni Blanc, Pedro Giménez, Moscatel Rosado, Aspirant Bouchet
    Location: unnumbered Santa Teresa st.- Villa Santa Rosa district- Mendoza
  • Las Mercedes Estate
    fincas 006
    Total Surface: 71 hectares
    Surface area under cultivation: 71 hectares
    Varieties grown: Torrontés, Merlot, Tempranillo, Moscatel, P. Giménez, Chenin, Chardonnay, S. Blanc, C. Sauvignon
    Location: Provincial route 50 km 1,008- 12 de Octubre- Santa Rosa- Mendoza