This line of wines is a reference of LLaver Winery, it’s the brand of young varieties of greatest rotation for the winery. Renowned in the local and global market, the design of the packaging deserved to be updated.

The new design is based in parts of the previous packaging, where the concept of “copper leaves” is highlighted, making allusion to the vineyard in autumn that is tinted with those hues. The new creation appears deprived of information, minimalist and simple so that the main character is the brand.

The market has responded very well to the change, evidence of a correct decision.



In November 2012, we launched our exclusive sparkling wine of limited edition. The concept of the brand was born with the expression “Mores Maiorum” that is translated as “the customs of the ancestors”. The combination of rules and traditional precepts that the Roman citizen devoted to tradition had to respect.

The exquisite combination of vines together with careful production techniques result in a fine bubble sparkling wine with average intensity tropical aroma and good acidity. Golden yellow colour with greenish hints. Well-balanced with ripe fruits aroma and delicate texture. Hints of yeast with a long aftertaste.



For some time now, Llaver winery has been carrying out strategic actions to position its products in some countries of the global market. The hard team work had excellent results with the entrance to Chinese market with high quality wines in bottles of 750cc.

The actions contemplated great analysis in the destinations markets, improvements in the value for money and the presentation of the products, besides encoding the key cultural points that helped settle on the business.

The winery is undergoing a process of change necessary to grow in the local and international markets, the objectives are ambitious and we work very hard in order to fulfill the commercial plan in due time and form.

The working team trusts that this opportunity is the entrance door to a growing market that demands wines of our province, with great perspectives in long term.